Saratov JOURNAL of Medical and Scientific Research

2012, volume 8

Medico-sociological analysis of consulting work at ophthalmologic regional hospital: communication approach

Year: 2012, volume 8 Issue: №3 Pages: 817-819
Heading: Sociology of Medicine Article type: Author's opinion
Authors: lorina I.G., Andriyanova Е.А., Krom I.L.
Organization: Saratov State Medical University, Saratov Ophthalmologic Regional Hospital

The purpose of the article is to considerthe consulting work as a process of social communication. The way of such approach allowed to determine objective and function of communication system of ophthalmologic regional hospital, to consider the problems of communication management concerning the problem of computerization of Russian Health Service.

Keywords: ophthalmologic hospital, consulting assistance, computerization, communication system

Structural features of facial skull and maxillary sinuses as predictors of complications in endodontic treatment of teeth of upper jaw

Year: 2012, volume 8 Issue: №3 Pages: 813-816
Heading: Stomatology Article type: Short message
Authors: Lepilin A.M., Mareev O.V., Kovalenko I.P., Mareev G.O.
Organization: Saratov State Medical University

Endodontic treatment is considered to be one of the most common procedures in modern dentistry, which also leads to increase of the complications. Objective: to establish the anthropometric characteristics of the structure of the facial skull and maxillary sinus, determining the development of complications of the endodontic treatment of upper jaw. Materials and methods. Measurements have been performed on 105 three-dimensional CT scan of the head, 75 have been in the control group, 30 cases have got foreign bodies of the maxillary sinuses on the CT. Results. We have established the correlation between obtained anthropometrical parameters such as height and width of the face with the type of maxillary sinus pneumatization, also we have studied the critical thickness of the bone plate over the tooth root, which is the main predisposing factor in the development of complications. Conclusion. It is possible to form risk groups according to the type of the structure of the front-skeleton, for additional studies of further endodontic interventions that may reduce their frequency.

Keywords: maxillary sinus, foreign body, facial skull, endodontic treatment

Modern measures of prevention and treatment of acute respiratory viral infections in children

Year: 2012, volume 8 Issue: №3 Pages: 803-812
Heading: Pediatrics Article type: Review
Authors: Kuznetsova М.А.
Organization: Saratov State Medical University

The acute respiratory viral infection (ARVI) is a socially important problem. There are several directions in theARVI prevention and treatment: mass vaccination against influenza, use of antiviral medication including interferon, inductors of interferons, etiotropic antiviral medication and homeopathic medicine.

Keywords: vaccines, homeopathic medicine, children, ARVI, antiviral drugs

Clinical and morphological characteristics of chronic duodenitis in children

Year: 2012, volume 8 Issue: №3 Pages: 799-803
Heading: Pediatrics Article type: Original article
Authors: Tishchenko D.V., Matveeva O.V., Chernenkov Yu.V., Maslyakova G.N., Bucharskaya A.B.
Organization: Saratov State Medical University, Engels City Polyclinic №3

The research goal is to determine clinical, endoscopic and morphological signs of chronic duodenitis in children. Materials and methods: The diagnostic value of molecular markers has been revealed by immunohistochemical research of biopsy. It has been received from endoscopic examination of 32 children aged from 3 to 17 years old with chronic duodenitis. Morphometric investigation of markers expression has been carried out by means of analyzing system of digital images of Mikrovizor medical uVizo-103. Results: The index of proliferation has been higher in cells of cover epithelium than in glands. The inductor expression of apoptosis Bax has been poorly expressed in both groups of patients. It has been proved that proliferative processes are predominant in this pathology. Conclusion: It has been found out that proliferation of significant activity in the cover epithelium accompanies the development of preatrophic processes in children with chronic duodenitis. The greater degree of regeneration has been marked in crypts.

Keywords: proliferation, molecular markers, immunohistochemistry, duodenitis in children, apoptosis

Clinical manifestations of chronic viral hepatitis С in children suffering for a one-year period

Year: 2012, volume 8 Issue: №3 Pages: 795-798
Heading: Pediatrics Article type: Original article
Authors: Churbakova О.V.
Organization: Samara State Medical University

Aim: the topical issue in medicine is currently considered to be the morbidity of chronic hepatitis in children. Material and methods. The article deals with the course of chronic hepatitis С in children with the light form of disease. The disease course has been from 6 months till 1 year. Results. According to the data of epidemiological anamneses (the analysis of the out-patient cards, previous discharges) the possible way and prospective date of infection of majority of children and adolescents have been revealed. 68 children with Chronic Viral Hepatitis С at the age of from 7 months till 18 years have been under the study. Conclusion. General clinical, biochemical and instrumental methods of investigation have been carried out.

Keywords: replicative phase, clinical symptoms and syndromes

Effects of intranasal medicines on microcirculatory blood flow of nasal cavity

Year: 2012, volume 8 Issue: №3 Pages: 791-794
Heading: Otolaryngology Article type: Short message
Authors: Svistunov A.A., Mareev О.V., Mareev G.О., Bukreev I.S.
Organization: Saratov State Medical University

The article describes the new method of assessment of microcirculatory blood perfusion and introduction of this method into the study of intranasal drugs effects on mucosal blood flow in the nasal cavity. The research work presents some different groups of drugs — decongestants, physical solutions for irrigation therapy and local corticosteroids. It has been revealed that intranasal decongestants have a significant effect on the intranasal blood flow, but their intake affects the mucosal membrane of the nasal cavity. Other drugs have not shown such negative effects and have not caused tachyphylaxis. Therefore these medicines may be recommended for more common use in ENT-practice.

Keywords: nasal microcirculation, laser Doppler floumetry, intranasal medicines

Paracentetic Access to Sensory Root of Tri-geminus: Anatomic and Topographic Features

Year: 2012, volume 8 Issue: №3 Pages: 785-790
Heading: Narcology Article type: Review
Authors: Chekhonatsky A.A., Skulovitch S.Z., Ushakov D.A., Lotsmanov Yu.F.
Organization: Saratov State Medical University

Anatomic and topographic features of middle cranial fossa which should be taken into account during paracentetic access to sensory root of trigeminus are examined in the article. It is substantiated that treatment of trigeminus neuralgia needs bounded influence on sensory root of trigeminus. The authors based the idea of paracentetic access to sensory root of trigeminus through for. ovale. Such possible complexities and specific features as: probable confluence of for. ovale with other holes, calcification of ligamentous apparatus, and presence of holes due to this process should be considered during surgery.

Keywords: trigeminus neuralgia, topography, anatomic features, access

Social and Epidemiological Aspects of Cranioce-rebral Trauma

Year: 2012, volume 8 Issue: №3 Pages: 777-785
Heading: Neurology Article type: Review
Authors: Ovsyannikov D.M.; Chekhonatsky А.А.; Kolesov V.N.; Bubashvili A.I.
Organization: Saratov State Medical University

The review points out that craniocerebral trauma is one of the most current problems in medicine, reasoned for its occurrence, high level of temporary disability, patients' incapacity, and considerable death-rate. Therefore, study of different aspects of craniocerebral trauma has not only medical but also social-economic significance. The authors mark that prevalence frequency of craniocerebral trauma can vary in regions of our state and abroad, it depends on a great number of factors — age, time of a day, trauma's mechanisms. Research of craniocerebral trauma epidemiology is a necessary basis for organization of rational aid for suffered and adequate measures development for primary and second prophylaxis of central nervous system disorders.

Keywords: social-economic aspects, epidemiology, craniocerebral trauma

Spectral analysis of slowly wave activity in able to work patients with cognitive-mnestic deficiency

Year: 2012, volume 8 Issue: №3 Pages: 775-777
Heading: Neurology Article type: Author's opinion
Authors: Ganovich Е.А., Zhestikova M.G., Simenikhin В.A., Sholomov I.I., Makluchenko U.A., Rikhtor T.N.
Organization: Saratov State Medical University, Novokuznetsk Post-graduate Medical Institute, Myski Rehabilitation Centre «Topaz», Kemerovo State Medical University

The problem of dementia in the modern medicine has been becoming one of the most actual nowadays. In the foundation of cognitive-mnestic dysfunction in the structure of vibration disease there is a biological action of industrial vibration on the central nervous system as well as on the whole body. The analysis of literature provides data on insufficient study of cognitive-mnestic aspect in the structure of vibration disease and also interaction with affective and anxious sphere in people working in the conditions of vibration impact.

Keywords: increased level of anxiety, impact of vibration on body, cognitive-mnestic deficiency

Characteristics of platelet aggregative ability at patients with brain infarction and marked stenosis of cerebral arteries

Year: 2012, volume 8 Issue: №3 Pages: 770-774
Heading: Clinical Laboratory Diagnostics Article type: Original article
Authors: Stepanova Yu.l., Gontchar I.A., Likchachev S.A.

The central part of brain infarction (Bl) pathogenesis is hemostatic blood activation. Aim: to study platelet aggregative ability in dynamics of acute Bl at the marked stenosis of cerebral arteries (>50%). Materials and methods. Investigation included 39 patients at acute Bl with average age 73,9±8,3 years. Control group consisted of 18 healthy persons with average age 60,2±6,8 years. Evaluation of platelet aggregation was performed with application of light-transmission aggregometer «SOLAR» (RB) and aggregation inductors — solutions of adenosine diphosphate with concentration of 0,5 и 2,0 umol/l and collagen of 2,0mg/ml concentration. Results. Significant hyperaggregation platelet reaction on the 1 st and 10th days of hospitalization without positive changes under treatment has been revealed. Conclusion. Thus, obtained results prove the necessity of monitoring of individual patients sensitivity to antiplatelet therapy in secondary prevention of ischemic stroke with optical aggregometry and inductors complex.

Keywords: platelets, hemostasis, brain infarction, aggregation