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Surgical outcomes of treatment of the patients with regmatogenous retinal department complicated by full-thickness macular hole

Year: 2023, volume 19 Issue: №3 Pages: 221-224
Heading: Ophthalmology Article type: Original article
Authors: Fayzrakhmanov R.R., Vaganova Е.Е., Sekhina O.L., Kiev V.S., Bosov E.D., Kalinin M.E.
Organization: National Medical and Surgical Center n. a. N. I. Pirogov

Objective: to study the effectiveness of surgical treatment of patients with retinal detachment complicated by macular hole of the PVR B-C, depending on the method of subretinal fluid drainage. Material and methods. We studied the data of 18 patients (18 eyes) with a disease duration of 60±9 days. The size of the macular hole averaged 331 ±38 urn. Group 1 patients (9 patients, 9 eyes) underwent fluid drainage through a central hole, group 2 patients (9 patients, 9 eyes) underwent surgical treatment with drainage through a primary peripheral break. Visual acuity, mi-croperimetry, and optical coherence tomography were used to assess the outcome. Results. In the group 1, the macu¬lar hole remained unclosed in 33% of cases (3 patients), in the group 2-11% of cases (1 patient). In group 1, BCVA increased to 0.09±0.03; in group 2, to 0.11±0.03. According to ОСТ data in the Full Retinal Thick patients of the group 1 a month after the operation, it was 318±42 urn, in the group 2-245±30 urn. Conclusion. Based on the analysis of the results of the study, it can be concluded about the higher efficiency of surgical treatment using the peripheral method of drainage of subretinal fluid.

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