Saratov JOURNAL of Medical and Scientific Research

Parameters of quality of life of dental patients with various psychotypes

Year: 2016, volume 12 Issue: №1 Pages: 49-51
Heading: Stomatology Article type: Original article
Authors: Turusova Е.М., Bulkina N.V.

The aim is to study the effect of oral pathologies in the quality of life of patients, depending on the psychological characteristics of the individual. Material and Methods. The study involved 100 patients with included dentition defects and chronic generalized periodontitis. The index PMA, PI and hygiene index of Greene — Vermillion were identified in all patients. To assess the quality of life we used the OHIP-14 questionnaire. To assess the psychotype we used the modification of the questionnaire, developed in 2005, St. Petersburg. Results. There is a dependence of changes in the quality of life of dental patients with various psychotypes. Conclusion. Patients with a variety of personality types react differently to oral health, and it should be taken into account when choosing the tactics of conduct with patient data, as well as the choice of treatment and at all the stages of treatment.

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