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Periodicity of professional oral hygiene in the dynamics of prothetic treatment on dental implants

Year: 2022, volume 18 Issue: №2 Pages: 194-196
Heading: Stomatology Article type: Original article
Authors: Romanov A.S., Sakaeva Z.U., Olesova V.N.
Organization: North Ossetian State Medical Academy, University of Biomedical Innovations and Continuing Education A. I. Burnasyan

Objective: clinical substantiation of the periodicity of professional oral hygiene at the stages of prosthetics on dental implants. Material and methods. In the process of dynamic clinical observation during the year for 45 patients in the process of prosthetics on dental implants, hygienic and periodontal indices were used: index Green J. C, Vermillion J.R. — OHI-S; Hygiene index of supraconstruction — IGs ' gingivitis index — Gl (Loe H., Silness J.); Muhlemann — Cowell index; papillary-marginal-alveolar index — RMA in Parma modification. Results. The period after pre-implantation oral debridement until the completion of permanent prosthetics on implants is accompanied by a deterioration in hygienic parameters at the end of the osseointegration period, when the opening of implants and fixation of gum formers or abutments is indicated; at the end of the use of temporary polymer prostheses before the completion of permanent prosthetics. The OHI-S index, equal to 3.9 when applying for prosthetics, varies at different stages during the year before and after professional hygiene from 1.6 to 0.4. Conclusion. The stages of prosthetics on implants, coinciding with the deterioration of oral hygiene, should be accompanied by professional hygiene, which, from the installation of implants to the completion of the final prosthesis, should be carried out three times: before installing implants, before fixing gum formers or abutments, before fixing permanent prostheses.

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