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Effect of intraoperative panretinal laser coagulation on the morphometric parameters of the macular region in patients with diabetic retinopathy in the early follow-up period

Year: 2021, volume 17 Issue: №2 Pages: 356-361
Heading: Тhematic supplement Article type: Original article
Authors: Petrachkov D.V., Baryshev K.V., Arzukhanov D.D.

Purpose: to assess the effect of intraoperative panretinal laser coagulation on the macular region status of the retina within one month after vitreoretinal surgery. Material and Methods. 26 patients (30 eyes) were examined. The study protocol included standard ophthalmological examination methods, spectral optical coherence tomography (ОСТ) of the retina, microinvasive subtotal vitrectomy with or without intraoperative panretinal laser coagulation (PLC). The first group consisted of 16 patients (18 (60%) eyes) who underwent intraoperative PLC. The second group included 11 patients (12 (40%) eyes) who did not undergo intraoperative PLC. Results. The analysis of the results obtained during the examination of groups of patients before surgery and in the early postoperative period did not reveal a significant decrease in the central retinal thickness (CRT) and the volume of the macular region in patients of the first group. A significant decrease in these indicators was observed only in patients of the second group. Comparative analysis of the morphometric parameters of the retina between the two groups of patients did not reveal significant differences. Correlation analysis revealed a moderate relationship between the CRT, macular volume and changes in these indicators between planned visits. Conclusion. In the course of the study, was demonstrated the absence of a significant effect of intraoperative PLC on the anatomical status of the macular region.

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