Saratov JOURNAL of Medical and Scientific Research

Hygienic aspects of new technologies using of the fuel cycle center

Year: 2013, volume 9 Issue: №4 Pages: 819-821
Heading: Hygiene Article type: Short message
Authors: Simakov А.V., Abramov Yu.V., Batova Z.G., Galuzin A.S.
Organization: State Scientific Research Center n.a. A.I. Burnasyan — Federal Medical Biophysical Center of Federal Medical Biological Agency

The aim: justification of criteria for making decision on possibility of the regenerated fuel use in operating productions. Hygienic criteria have been formulated to be guided in order to make a decision on possibility and suitability to carry out planned change of technology at the enterprises of the nuclear fuel circle, its reconstruction, change the line of business, as well as usage of raw materials with worse characteristics.

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