Saratov JOURNAL of Medical and Scientific Research

Thygeson's keratitis in childhood (clinical case)

Year: 2022, volume 18 Issue: №4 Pages: 688-691
Heading: Тhematic supplement Article type: Case report
Authors: Krasyuk E.Yu., Noskova O.G.
Organization: Tambov Ophthalmological Clinical Hospital

Abstract. Objective: to present a clinical case of a rare pathology of the anterior segment of the eyeball —Thygeson's keratitis, diagnosed in a pediatric patient. There are isolated descriptions of this disease in the medical literature, especially in children's practice. The disease has a persistent recurrent character with an unclear etiology. This clinical case demonstrates a chronic course of the disease for three years with frequent relapses in a child from the age of 4 years and difficulties associated with the possibility of using anti-inflammatory steroids in pediatric ophthalmology. The diagnosis was based on a detailed collection of anamnesis, immunological examination of blood, features of the clinical picture of the disease and relief of the inflammatory process by prescribing dexamethasone in a dilution of 0.02%. As a result of treatment, stable positive dynamics was achieved in the form of a reduction in the number and duration of relapses and an increase in remission periods.

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