Saratov JOURNAL of Medical and Scientific Research

The rare case of brachial plexus lesion by fibrosarcoma of the axillary region (clinical case)

Year: 2022, volume 18 Issue: №1 Pages: 42-45
Heading: neurosurgery Article type: Case report
Authors: Chekhonatskiy А.А., Kovalev Е.Р., Potakhin S.N., Eliseev А.А., Tsyganov V.I., Chevgunova А.А.
Organization: Saratov City Clinical Hospital № 1 n. a. Yu. Ya. Gordeev, Saratov State Medical University

Objective: to demonstrate successful experience in the diagnosis and treatment of fibrosarcoma of rare localization (in the axillary region). Timely surgical treatment by a complex surgical team with the involvement of specialists of various specialties, in the form of decompression of the brachial plexus and radical excision of a malignant neoplasm, made it possible to improve the patient's quality of life, prevent complete loss of functions of the left arm, and also prevent tumor metastasis.

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