Saratov JOURNAL of Medical and Scientific Research

Digital chromovitrectomy in the treatment of Valsalva retinopathy (clinical case)

Year: 2021, volume 17 Issue: №2 Pages: 380-383
Heading: Тhematic supplement Article type: Case report
Authors: Stebnev S.D., Stebnev V.S., Skladchikova N.I., Vashchenko T.Yu.
Organization: Samara State Medical University, Clinic "Eye Surgery"

Purpose: to present a clinical case of Valsalva retinopathy in a patient treated using a new technology "digital chromovitrectomy". The choice of the treatment method was determined by the duration of the disease, the localization of the hemorrhage, its area and depth of location relative to the structures of the vitreomacular interface. For surgical treatment, digital chromovitrectomy was used: 3D visualization (NGENUITY, Alcon) with Digitally Assisted Vitreoretinal Surgery software, the CONSTELLATION surgical system and the new UltraVit ® 25+ beveled vitractor (10000 cut/min) in combination with Triamcinolone acetonide. A rapid positive anatomical and functional result of treatment shows that modern vitrectomy provides an effective and safe treatment of Valsalva retinopathy.

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