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Pityriasis rubra pilaris (Devergie's disease): clinical case

Year: 2016, volume 12 Issue: №3 Pages: 504-509
Heading: Dermatovenerology Article type: Case report
Authors: Galkina ЕМ, Utz SR, BakulevAL, Minyonok ТА.
Organization: Saratov State Medical University

Pityriasis rubra pilaris (Devergie's disease) is a rare chronic papulosquamous skin disease, it is of unknown etiology, leading to palmoplantar keratoderma, erythroderma and ectropion. Due to its rarity and difficulty in differentiating it with psoriasis, we are presenting our own observations and diagnostcis. We present a patient with a classical type 1 iasis rubra pilaris of a type I, whose condition improved significantly after treatment with systemic aromatic retinoids.

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