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Age-dependent dynamics of screening metabolic parameters in long-livers and its biophysical estimation


The purpose of the study: to examine age-dependent dynamics of parameters of biochemical screening in long-livers. Material and methods. The study included 201 long-livers divided (Saratov) into two groups: the main group (centenarians) and the control group (90-99 y.o.). Basic parameters of biochemical screening were analyzed. Results. The suited sample of centenarians characterized by significantly lower levels of total cholesterol, triglycerids, glucose and creatinine. All studied parameters progrediently decreased from early long-livers age to centenarians. Maximal rates of age dependencies allowed us to confirm maximal weight of lipids in early longevity and glucose and creatinine in centenarians. Conclusion. All present results are most likely explained by the combined effects of genetic, environmental and "hundred years" factors leading to dynamic remodeling of control systems. Major result of such remodeling is age-dependent optimal level of metabolic factors as a mechanism of successive ageing.

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