Saratov JOURNAL of Medical and Scientific Research

Features static-and-dynamic performance in athletes of winter sports

Year: 2014, volume 10 Issue: №4 Pages: 899-901
Heading: sports medicine Article type: Original article
Authors: Kotenko K.V., Korchazhkina N.B., Epifanov A.V., Petrova M.S., Mikhaylova A.A., Shevyakova N.I.
Organization: State Scientific Research Center n.a. A.I. Burnasyan — Federal Medical Biophysical Center of Federal Medical Biological Agency

Objective: analysis of static-dynamic performance of the musculoskeletal system of athletes of winter sports. Materials and Methods. The evaluation of static-dynamic characteristics of the musculoskeletal system. Results. The highest percentage of load-balancing the body while maintaining a static position was observed in the group of athletes of speed and power of the sport and made up, the lowest — in athletes clearing difficult sport. Significant shift in the distribution of body load were detected in athletes clearing difficult sport in the speed and power sport, none of the athletes of the deviations were found. Conclusion. The survey revealed the features of the coordination ability and load balancing body in athletes of different sports: cycling, hard-house and speed-power.

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