Saratov JOURNAL of Medical and Scientific Research

Prehospital medical emergency aid given to persons aged 15-24

Year: 2011, volume 7 Issue: №2 Pages: 372-376
Heading: Health Service Organization Article type: Original article
Authors: Bolotnikova N.I.
Organization: Astrakhan State Medical University

The research goal is a quantitative and a qualitative analysis of emergency calls in Astrakhan during 2008. The method of complete observation was used in the research work. Data from the call charts of Emergency Service were thoroughly analyzed. Cases of emergency aid to the young working population ages 15-24 were under the study. 55,5% of cases were patients with acute diseases and 46,5% of emergency cases were as a result of accidents. The correlation between the number and character of nosology, and the age and sex of patients were determined. It was proved that the results of the given research would significantly improve the Emergency Service organization

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