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The history of the development of national traumatology on the example of medical and scientific activities of Saratov Research Institute of Traumatology and Orthopedics (SarNIITO) (1950-1980)

Year: 2018, volume 14 Issue: №3 Pages: 596-602
Heading: Traumatology and Orthopedics Article type: Short message
Authors: Ulyanov V.Yu., Grishin S.E., Puchinyan D.M., Fedonnikov A.S., Chibrikov G.l., Norkin I.A., Ilyina E.S., Skobelkina A.V.
Organization: Saratov Socio-Economic Institute of G. V. Plekhanov Russian University of Economics

We outlined and described basic directions of national traumatology development at the period of 1950-1980 illustrated by the example of Saratov traumatological school, estimated the contribution of SarNIITO traumatologists into this development at the abovementioned period, depicted syna — one of the founders of acute trauma clinics.

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