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Hirudotherapy as a method of hemoreological disorders correction efficiency on osteoarthrosis


The aim: to study the hirudotherapy effectiveness in case of osteoarthrosis as a pathogenetic therapy in view of vascular disorders in the disease pathogenesis. Material and Methods. 81 patients with ostearthrosis, predominantly gonarthrosis, aged 36 to 76 years old with a disease duration from 1 to 15 years were under observation. There were clinical and laboratory studies (generally accepted in patients with osteoarthritis), special studies included bulbar conjunctiva biomicroscopy and lower limbs rheovasography. Results. Hirudotherapy is a clinically effective method for the articular syndrome treatment in various types of osteoarthrosis. It is advisable to use the method in patients with a disease duration up to 15 years, with severe pain syndrome, concomitant peripheral veins pathology, and hypertension. Conclusion. The influence of hirudotherapy on the state of microcirculation in patients with osteoarthritis with the evaluation of the clinical effect and the rheovasography and conjunctival biomicroscopy was first studied, confirmed by instrumental methods. The greatest clinical efficacy was achieved with a high degree of local inflammatory activity, what once again emphasizes the role of microchemocirculation disorders in the development of synovitis in osteoarthritis.

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