Saratov JOURNAL of Medical and Scientific Research

New opportunities in the conservative therapy of hemangiomas in children

Year: 2014, volume 10 Issue: №2 Pages: 332-335
Heading: Proceedings of all-Russia week of science with international participants Article type: Short message
Authors: Popova O.A., Uvarov D.N., Spivakovskiy Yu.M.
Organization: Saratov State Medical University

Hemangiomas are the most common tumors of skin and soft tissues in children. In recent years, the number of patients suffering hemangiomas becomes increasing. Aim: to evaluate the efficacy of non-selective (3-blockers in treatment of hemangiomas in infants with short duration of the disease. Materials and methods. Propranolol, a non-selective (3-blocker, was chosen as a medication. Observed group was composed of 5 infants aged 1 year. Starting dosage of propranolol was 2-4 mg, with hemodynamic parameters being controlled before and after the drug administration. Target dosage was 2.0-2.5 mg/kg. Results. All children had a distinct clinical improvement after 1 week of propranolol treatment. In 4 infants Doppler mode ultrasound scan of hemangiomas demonstrated the hollowing of a feeding vessel. Resistance index was reduced in 4 infants. Shrinking of hemangiomas was stated in 2 infants during ultrasound scanning. All infants continue to be observed by surgeons and pediatricians. The drug is well-tolerated. Adverse effects during the treatment with propranolol have not be noticed, both during the in-patient and out-patient phase. Conclusion. Using propranolol as the first-line drug opens new possibilities in the conservative therapy of hemangiomas when surgical intervention is not possible.

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