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Influence of low-intensity electromagnetic fields on endothelial function in patients with chronic heart failure

Year: 2014, volume 10 Issue: №1 Pages: 86-92
Heading: Сardiology Article type: Original article
Authors: Bokeria O.L., Kuular A.M.
Organization: Bakulev Center of Cardiovascular Surgery, Moscow State Medical Stomatological University n.a. A. I. Evdokimov

Objective: to evaluate the influence of low-intensity electromagnetic fields on endogenous bioresonance therapy on the level of asymmetric dimethylarginine in blood, as well as on the parameters of microcirculation in the assessment of endothelial function in patients with chronic heart failure. Material and Methods. The basic group included 40 patients with chronic heart failure (NYHA II): 17 female and 23 male patients. The average age of the patients was 56,4±10 years. The control group consisted of healthy volunteers (20 patients, including 10 women, 10 men aged 31 ±5 years). Assessment of vasomotor state of the endothelium microcirculation was carried out with the help of laser Dopplerflow-metry on the apparatus LAKK-TEST (T) («Lazma», Russia). After the procedure endogenous bioresonance therapy was held. The intervention by low-intensity electromagnetic fields was carried out with the help of a hardware-software complex IMEDIS-EXPERT mode of endogenous bioresonance therapy for 15 minutes. Vasomotor endothelial function of microcirculation was evaluated. The concentration of an inhibitor of nitric oxide synthases, asymmetric dimethylar-ginine in blood before and after the exposure to the intervention by low-intensity electromagnetic fields was studied. Results. After the endogenous bioresonance therapy the microcirculation M parameter in the main group, on the background of iontophoresis with acetylcholine counted in average6,13±4,7 PF units. After iontophoresis with nitroprusside it was 5,9±3,8 PF units. In the control group the rate of myogenic oscillation amplitude (Am) amounted in average 0,75±0,13 Hz, in the main group it was 0,68±0,26 Hz. Reduction of myogenic tone in the control group was statistically significant (p

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