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The contemporary methods of patients with intraperitoneal bleeding of genital origin treatment objective efficacy assessment


The aim of the article: the peculiarities of the modern methods of treatment efficiency objective assessment in considerable contingent of patients with intraperitoneal bleeding of a genital origin are investigated. Material et metods: The original data of intra- and postoperative medical interventions efficiency are given and analyzed in 78 patients who were operated laparoscopically owing to intraperitoneal bleedings up to 500 ml of blood. Results. Circulating blood volume in these patients was restituted by blood Autohaemoreinfusion together with donors' blood and blood-substituting compounds injection. Red blood cells and hemoglobin content together with heart rate variability indexes were taken as the markers of the patients' organism functional condition and rehabilitation efficacy estimation. One month after miniinvazive treatment in women with acute intraperitoneal blood loss above 500 ml one could see certain sympathetic activation with reciprocal parasympathetic activity suppression together with pertinent activation degree value normalization. Conclusions. The conclusion was made that HRV data analysis allows to make an objective estimation of women with acute genital intraperitoneal bleeding (above 500 ml) treatment efficacy. The last is very important in the prognostic aspect because there are few objective methods of afteroperational state analysis in patients with bleeding of different origin.

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