Saratov JOURNAL of Medical and Scientific Research

Psychophysiological support of orthopedic treatment in patients with dento-alveolar form of dentition and occlusion

Year: 2013, volume 9 Issue: №3 Pages: 456-459
Heading: Stomatology Article type: Original article
Authors: Razakov D.Kh., Timofeev D.A., Konnov V.V., Proshin A.G., KlimovA.V., Pylaev E.V.
Organization: Saratov State Medical University

The purpose: to improve the treatment of patients with orthopedic dento-alveolar deformation of dentition and occlusion by using a range of methods of psychophysiological support of patient care. Material and methods. The study included 86 patients, men and women aged from 18 to 49 years with dento-alveolar deformation of dentition and occlusion. The study used clinical, anthropometric, radiological, photometric and static methods. At each stage of treatment, to investigate the characteristics of the functional status of patients methods of SAN, IPC «adaptive», self-esteem of patients by developed questionnaire were used. Results. A direct, reliable, moderate correlation has been established between the estimates that have given quality of care to patients with a regularity of the complex of psychophysiological methods proposed. Conclusion. A positive impact of the proposed complex of psychophysiological methods to support the functional characteristics of the patients and their assessment of the treatment, and the effectiveness of orthopedic treatment have been determined.

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