Saratov JOURNAL of Medical and Scientific Research

Experimental and clinical application of laser doppler flowmetry in gastric and duodenal ulcerative bleedings

Year: 2011, volume 7 Issue: №4 Pages: 962-965
Heading: Surgery Article type: Original article
Authors: Kapralov S.V., Shapkin Y.G., Frolov I.A., Afanasieva G.A.
Organization: Saratov State Medical University

The research goal is to develop a new objective diagnostic method of prerecurrence syndrome that will prognose bleeding recurrence from gastroduodenal ulcers. Materials and methods. Method of laser Doppler flowmetry (LDF) of the regional perfusion of tissue has been used. The experimental part has been done on 30 white laboratory rats. Characteristics of regional tissue perfusion in the simulation and laser hemostasis of bleeding have been studied. Gastroduodenal endoscopy has been performed with laser Doppler flowmetry (ELDF) in clinical conditions to predict the recurrence of ulcerative bleeding. The prognostic method of gastroduodenal ulcerative bleeding was used in 58 patients hospitalized with such pathology and activity of bleeding Forrest II. Results. The study of microcirculation parameters and experimental hemostasis has showed the possibility of using LDF to measure its performance. Effective hemostasis has been accompanied by a significant decrease in perfusion. On the basis of microcirculation parameters in ulcerative bleeding, medical adrenaline test has been proposed for an objective verification pre-recurrence syndrome. To evaluate the effectiveness of endoscopic hemostasis perfusion has been measured before and after its implementation. Conclusion. ELDF has objectified the prognosis of ulcerative bleeding recurrence, verified pre-recurrence syndrome and evaluated the efficacy of endoscopic hemostasis

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