Saratov JOURNAL of Medical and Scientific Research

Peculiarities of immune effects in patients with genital endometriosis


The research goal is to study the immune effects in patients with external genital endometriosis. 126 patients with external genital endometriosis ages 22-44 years have been examined. CD3+, CD4+, CD8+, CD16+, CD19+, CD25+, immunoglobulin A, M, G are defined in peripheral blood and peritoneal liquid. Method of cytoflowmetry and radial immunodiffusion by Manchini has been used. Statistical processing of results has been spent by means of a package of the statistical program «Statgraphics», STSC (USA). Reliability of variability has been estimated by means of calculation of nonparametric criterion by Uilkokson — Mann — Uitni. Depression of cellular and increase of humoral immunity (IgG and IgA) in peritoneal liquid have been revealed. Degree of expressiveness of immunity has been depended on presence of inflammatory diseases, duration of disease, localization of the pathology center. In peritoneal liquid the total amount of T-lymphocytes, CD4+ cells and CD8+ lymphocytes has been increased in patients with of external genital endometriosis of lll-IV degree. The immunoregulatory index has been also increased. These results have confirmed the presence of inflammatory process in peritoneal cavity

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