Saratov JOURNAL of Medical and Scientific Research

Pathogenetic interrelation of disturbances in metabolic status, cell composition and rheological properties of blood in surface thermal injuries, their diagnostic and prognostic significance

Year: 2011, volume 7 Issue: №4 Pages: 795-800
Heading: Physiology and Pathophysiology Article type: Original article
Authors: Polutova N.V., Chesnokova N.P., Ostrovsky N.V., Newazhai Т.A.
Organization: Saratov State Medical University

Aim. To study the interrelation between the nature of system metabolic disturbances, rheological properties and cell composition of peripheral blood and the dynamics of the development of alterative and necrotic, regenerative and proliferative processes in a zone of surface thermal injury of the skin. Materials and methods. Complex clinical and laboratory examination of 30 patients suffering from surface burns (first-, second-, and third A degrees) was conducted. Results and conclusion: The examination allowed determining the interrelation of the severity of local destructive changes in a thermal injury zone and the nature of system metabolic disturbances typical for the system inflammatory response syndrome with the degree of lipid peroxidation process activation, insufficient activity of antioxidant blood system, increase in blood viscosity properties and cell composition

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