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Innovation in diagnostics and treatment of epilepsy

Year: 2017, volume 13 Issue: №1 Pages: 143-147
Heading: Neurology Article type: Review
Authors: Kalinin V.A., Poverennova I.E., Yakunina A.V., Beketova E.M.
Organization: Samara State Medical University, Municipal Hospital No. 1 n.a. N. I. Pirogov, Samara

The aim of the review is try to systematize the innovative achievements of modern epileptology and indicate the levels of diagnosis and treatment of epilepsy that are not sufficiently developed, from our point of view. Applied to epileptology, the innovation process is realized at all levels. In principle, you can divide the entire process into a diagnostic and treatment level. Promising in the diagnosis of epilepsy should be considered the analysis of age characteristics, new methods of EEG analysis and evoked potentials, innovative methods of functional neuroimaging, genetic testing. New anticonvulsants with the original mechanism of action allow to overcome pharmaco-resistance of epilepsy in a number of observations. In rare cases it is necessary to use minimally invasive surgical methods of treatment.

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