Saratov JOURNAL of Medical and Scientific Research

Rehabilitation of Patients with Urological Complications of Radical Surgery on Pelvic Organs

Year: 2009, volume 5 Issue: №4 Pages: 619-622
Heading: Urology Article type: Original article
Authors: V.N. Pavlov, A.R. Zagitov, A.A. Kazikhinurov, A.O. Papoyan, Sh. S. Allakhverdiev
Organization: Bashkir State Medical University of the Russian Health Care, Bashkir Republican Clinical Hospital

One of the commonest urological complications of radical pelvic surgery is enuresis which effects patients quality of life and causes severe physical and moral sufferings. The operational methods of enuresis treatment are unproductive and often lead to recurring and more complicated surgical interventions. All this provides research and development of new non-invasive methods of treatment and rehabilitation of patients with enuresis. Treatment of enuresis after radical operations includes a system of gymnastic exercises for pelvic floor muscles and health resort factors and results in reduction of symptoms and opens new ways of rehabilitation of this category of patients.
Keywords: urological complications, enuresis, rehabilitation, gymnastic exercises, health resort factors, microcirculation

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