Saratov JOURNAL of Medical and Scientific Research

Pathogenetic Aspects of Treatment of a Chronic Cystitis

Year: 2009, volume 5 Issue: №3 Pages: 424-428
Heading: Urology Article type: Original article
Authors: O.S. Streltsova, V.N. Krupin, E.V. Zagaynova, E.A. Tararova, V.V. Klochay, E.B. Kiseleva
Organization: N. Novgorod State Medical Academy

The analysis of mucosa's state of the bladder in treating the exacerbation chronicle cystitis in 67 women was made. The analysis was made with the use of the method of optical coherent tomography (ОСТ). Dynamic ОСТ was performed in 23 patients after antibacterial treat (after 2 weeks) and in the period of remission. It was 59 ОСТ examinations. After antibacterial treatment the pathologically unchanged mucosa was found in the form of thickening in interu-retericfold in Lieutands triangle, in the neck of urinary bladder. Sub mucosal layer was also think, the structure of fibers was destroyed. Both leucocytic and lymphocytic infiltration in the wall of the bladder was observed. The tissue which reflected the light signal was found in muscle structure in the period of remission. This correspond to fibrosis in the wall of the bladder. In the long process the atrophy of mucosa was found. Thus, pathogenetic therapy should proceed after decrease in expressiveness of clinical displays of disease

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