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Most Viewed Articles (top-10): March 2010

Wed, 04/07/2010

Most Viewed Articles (top-10):  March 2010

Browse our journal’s most-viewed clinical and medical articles to see what your colleagues are viewing most often. These clinical and medical articles are listed in rank order, and the list is updated monthly.
1) Andreeva A.V., Nikolenko V.N. Dimensional Characteristics of Mammas of Girls-Slavs of 17–20 Years // 2007, 3;
2) Losev R.Z., Nikolenko V.N., Sholomov I.I. et al. Diagnostics And Treatment Of Patients With Blood Circulation Insufficiency In Vertebrobasilar Bed // 2009, 4;
3) Shemetova G.N., Dudrova E.V. Health Matters Of Modern Students And Unsolved Problems Of Curative And Prophylactic Aid // 2009, 4;
4) Tolstokorov A.S., Gergenreter Yu.S. Surgical Tactics In Treatment Of Patients With Hydatid Liver Disease // 2009, 4;
5) Cherkasov S.N., Saraev A.R. Motivational Aspects Of New Payment System In Public Health // 2009, 4;
6) Chernenkov Yu.V., Nechaev V.N. Diagnostic, Preventive Measures and Correction of Congenital Malformation // 2009, 3;
7) Eremin O.V., Lepilin A.V., Kozlova I.V. et al. Comorbidity Of Periodontal And Gastrointestinal Diseases // 2009, 3;
8) Girkalo M.M., Gavrilov М.А., Bakteeva N.H. et al. Total Knee Arthroplasty in the Combined Contracture // 2009, 3;
9) Zaichenko A.A., Lebedeva Е. A. Biometric predictors of constitutional risks for developing paranoid schizophrenia in men // 2009, 3;
10) Malykh A.L. Diagnostics Of Renal Hemodynamics Disturbance In Children And Teenagers With Chronic Constipation, Encopresis And Their Correction // 2009, 4