Saratov JOURNAL of Medical and Scientific Research

Perm Clinical Hospital

Epidemiological and clinical features of patients with disseminated sclerosis in Perm region

Year: 2013, volume 9 Issue: №1 Pages: 69-71
Heading: Neurology Article type: Original article
Authors: Zhelnin A.V.
Organization: Perm Clinical Hospital

The purpose of the article is to identify the epidemiological and clinical features of disseminated sclerosis (DS) in Perm region. Material and methods: Data have been analyzed in 932 patients with DS. Among them there were 607 women (65%) and 325 men (35%). The age of patients with DS varied from 17 to 68 years, in average 44,5±4,5years. All the patients have experienced comprehensive clinical and neurological study, MRI study of brain and spinal cord. Calculation of prevalence and incidence has been conducted among 100,000 people. Results: The prevalence of DS in Perm region on January 1, 2011 amounted to 35.1 cases perthe population of 100,000 people, which can be attributed to our region to the zone of medium risk of DS developing. The growth of incidence of DS in Perm region has been revealed. It has been determined that in 1997 the incidence of DS averaged 3.2. Risk factors have been identified. Conclusion: The data on the prevalence and incidence of disseminated sclerosis help improve the quality of treatment and preventive care for patients with disseminated sclerosis.

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