Saratov JOURNAL of Medical and Scientific Research

professional training

Perspectives for vertebrology teaching development in higher medical schools

Year: 2015, volume 11 Issue: №2 Pages: 210-212
Heading: Pedagogics and Education Article type: Author's opinion
Authors: Norkin I.A., Zaretskov V.V., Levchenko K.K., Fedonnikov A.S., Zaretskov A.V., Kireev S.N.
Organization: Saratov State Medical University

The article deals with the issues on improving the efficiency of vertebrology teaching in specialist training at pre-and postgraduate stages. Modern epidemiologic trends for spine traumas and diseases form the increasing interest to the problems of care and prevention of the considered pathology and define the necessity of single-skilled specialists training. Developing vertebrology into a separate discipline that is studied at medical universities at both pre- and postgraduate stages is one of the topic issues for higher medical schools where the search of effective ways of its realization is stressed.

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Formation of competency-based model in professional training of a doctor

Year: 2013, volume 9 Issue: №4 Pages: 754-756
Heading: Pedagogics and Education Article type: Short message
Authors: Romantzov M.G., Shuldyakov A.A., Melnikova I.Yu., Satarova S. A., Lisko O.B., Perminova T.A.
Organization: Saratov State Medical University, North-West State Medical University n.a. I.I. Mechnikov, Department of Neuropathology Assistant Professor, Candidate of Medical Science

The shift in priorities in the system of Russian education, transition from reproductive learning to learner-centered approach, incorporation of competency-based approach into the educational standards of "the third generation" require the training of a competitive specialist with professional competency. Types of competencies are characterized. The competency presenting certain requirements is studied. The mastering of the requirements will enable to train qualified specialists. The quality of education directly influences the level of professional activity through the training of specialists and the development of sciences. Competence-oriented modules approach and adherence to pedagogic requirements in education enables the efficacy of professional training. Innovative techniques and approaches to organizing educational process in their active form stimulate the process of studying.

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Methodological aspects of health care professionals training

Year: 2012, volume 8 Issue: №4 Pages: 1017-1022
Heading: Pedagogics and Education Article type: Review
Authors: Protopopov F.F., Erugina М.V., Korshever N.G., Sidelnikov S. A., Zavaleva E.V
Organization: Saratov State Medical University

The research goal is to prove the necessity of realization of principles and provisions of the theory of systems and research conducted on the basis of the methodology to optimize the process of health care professionals training. Methods of theoretical and methodological analysis of scientific literature, study of office and medical documentation, social investigation of experts in the field of health care management, doctors and officials of administration of one of the municipal areas have been used.

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