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The model of prophylactic conversation on health effects of smoking

Year: 2014, volume 10 Issue: №4 Pages: 681-683
Heading: Proceedings of all-Russia week of science with international participants Article type: Original article
Authors: Strode А.А., Prokofyeva L.P.
Organization: Saratov State Medical University

The preventive activity, which aims to improve the health of the entire population, takes an important place in the medical profession. Counseling, physical examinations, prophylactic medical examinations and health service are considered as the main types of the preventive activities. Objective; to study the situation about smoking in Russia and Latvia, to develop methods of prevention in the different target audiences. Material and Methods. The authors used the original questionnaire containing eight questions that allowed them to clarify the attitude of the respondents concerning the problem of smoking. Results. Sociological research (50 respondents from different cities of Russia and Latvia, 52% of men 48% of women, different age groups from 16 to 58 years) showed the urgent need for ongoing preventive work among the nicotine active population. Conclusion. The analysis of data led to the conclusion on the addition of female smokers, lowering of the "first cigarette" age and the increase smoker index. The study has been carried out to develop a model of conversation about the dangers of smoking, taking into account the target audience.

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Clinical results of the complex prevention of the acute postoperative pancreatitis at the surgical gastroenterology

Year: 2013, volume 9 Issue: №4 Pages: 962-968
Heading: Surgery Article type: Original article
Authors: Kotenko К.V., Voskanyan S.Е., Korsakov I.N., Naydenov Е.V., Timashkov D.A., Gavrilyuchenko R.B., Zhangazinov A.L., Sayapin D.A., Voronina I.V.
Organization: State Scientific Research Center n.a. A.I. Burnasyan — Federal Medical Biophysical Center of Federal Medical Biological Agency

The article aims to study the results of the complex prevention of the acute postoperative pancreatitis in the surgical gastroenterology. Material and methods. 2968 patients with various disorders of the digestive system were operated. Empirical preventing of the acute postoperative pancreatitis was used in the control group. Complex prevention of the acute postoperative pancreatitis in the main group of patients included the use of Dalargin, intravenous infusion of Octreotide, duodenal trypsin enzyme inhibition; intraduodenal reversal of pancreatic secret; intraductal injection of Lidocaine and external transnasal drainage of the pancreatic and biliary ducts. Results. The frequency of acute postoperative pancreatitis was 12.2% in the main group. The frequency of acute postoperative pancreatitis was 36.9% in the control group. Increased frequency of a mild form of the acute postoperative pancreatitis observed in the main group compared with the control. At the same time reducing the frequency of the moderate severity and severity forms of the acute postoperative pancreatitis observed in the main group compared with the control. Reduction of the morbidity (13.6% vs. 25.1%), hospital mortality (1.6% vs. 3.5%), the duration of the postoperative hospital bed-day (12.1±0.4 vs. 16.7±0.6) were identified in the main group patients compared with the control group. Conclusion. The use of the given scheme for the complex prevention of the acute postoperative pancreatitis allowed significantly reduce the frequency and severity of illness, morbidity, reduce the duration of postoperative hospital bed-day and hospital mortality, as well as the frequency of both mild and severity, and fatal postoperative complications in all investigated groups of patients.

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Improvement of prophylax and treatment of acute respiratory viral infections


The aim of the study is to estimate prophylactic and clinical efficacy of cycloferon concerning acute respiratory viral infection among military men in the period of formation of military units. Material and methods. 1300 military men were under observation in the period of formation of military units. There was calculated efficiency coefficient. Index of efficiency, and severity of disease, frequency of development and character of complications were established. Results. It is established that application of both prophylactic and clinical course of tablet of cycloferon in the period of seasonal increase of morbidity of acute respiratory viral infection in the period of formation of military units enables to increase significantly efficiency of prophylactic and clinical activities, to decrease morbidity, frequency of severe and complicated forms of disease. Conclusion. According to these results, the perspectives of cycloferon use in prophylaxis and treatment of acute respiratory viral infection in the closed units were worked out.

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Methods of registration of dental pathology risk by using fixed orthodontic apparatus

Year: 2013, volume 9 Issue: №3 Pages: 375-379
Heading: Stomatology Article type: Review
Authors: Gritsenko Е.А., Suetenkov D.Ye., Firsova I.V.
Organization: Saratov State Medical University

The article presents the literature review of modern methods of diagnosis of oral diseases in the application of nonremovable orthodontic apparatus.

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Prevention of complications after pulpi-tis treatment in pediatrics at the stage of root system formation and its resorption

Year: 2011, volume 7 Issue: №1 Pages: 249-252
Heading: Stomatology Article type: Original article
Authors: Kazakova L.N., Egorova A.V., Lebedeva C.N., Kharitonova T.L., Makhonova E.M.
Organization: Saratov State Medical University

Most frequently pulpitis develops as a complication of caries. In pediatric practice both acute and chronic forms of pulpitis are observed. However, primary chronic process is more often among milk teeth. The devital amputation is the most popular method of pulpitis treatment in pediatrics. Its professional and accurate implementation is the first step to avoid any possible future complications

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The study and prophylaxis of errors in providing medical service to military men at pre-hospitalization period

Year: 2010, volume 6 Issue: №3 Pages: 522-527
Heading: Health Service Organization Article type: Original article
Authors: Korshever N.G., Baiturov O.R.
Organization: Saratov Military Medical Institute

The analysis of medical assistance provision to military men at pre-hospitalization period based on the data of Error Register Journals, anonymous questioning of medical staff and students, expert questionnaire of 12 lecturers of the Department of Medical Service Organization of Saratov Military Medical Institute have made it possible to detect the structure of defects, taking into account each nosologic form and dependence on patients' contingent as well as to structuralize multi-criteria approach to successfulness in activity of the Chief of medical service of Military medical unit in error prevention and to design an adequate optimization technique

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Efficacy of prophylaxis of micronutrients deficiency in pregnant women and newborns

Year: 2010, volume 6 Issue: №2 Pages: 300-306
Heading: Obstetrics and Gynecology Article type: Original article
Authors: Zhivoglazova L.N., Kurmacheva N.A., Rogozhina I.E.
Organization: Saratov State Medical University, Saratov Regional Centre of Family Planning and Reproduction

The article presents data about high frequency of polyhypovitaminosis (72,6%), reduced level of microelements in blood (in 19,4-45,2% of cases), insufficient consumption of iodine and calcium (in 95,2% of cases) in pregnant women of Saratov Region. It was determined, that micronutrients deficiency in mothers in 1,55-5,48 times exceeds relative risk of pathologic pregnancy course, delivery, disorders of adaptation and morbidity of newborns. It was revealed, that prophylactic intake of vitaminous mineral medications results in absolute risk reduction of pregnancy and delivery, disorders of fetus state and newborns health in 13-54%

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Morbidity Of Sexually Transmitted Diseases In The Russian Federation And Republic Of Belarus (From 1997 Till 2007)


The research goal is the comparative analysis of morbidity of sexually transmitted diseases in the Russian Federation and Republic of Belarus in dynamics in the period from 1997 till 2007. Research data have been taken from statistic documents based on observations of STD registered in the countries under study. Statistical data manipulation has been done on PC (Pentium IV) in the programme Microsoft Excel. According to the research results the morbidity indices of most STD have been decreased. The higher morbidity indices of trichomoniasis have been noticed in Russia -186,2 and in Republic of Belarus-220,4 for the population of 100 000 people. The results of research have shown that it is necessary to work out normative documents, to identify the contingent of patients and repetition factor of medical examinations to prevent the spread of STD

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Year: 2006, volume 2 Issue: №2 Pages: 29-31
Heading: Hygiene Article type: Original article
Authors: Kleschina Yu.V.
Organization: Saratov State Medical University

The analysis has shown that the health saving activities in the general education establishments are unsystematic. It has become a rule that educational institutions don’t pay attention to such important issues as organizating the education process, motor performance and institution infrastructure of full value. The findings may be used to draw up research-and-practical recommendations on the optimization of training of pupils and on their health promotion whose introduction will increase the reserve capacities of the children and preserve their health.

Keywords: prophylaxis


Year: 2007, volume 3 Issue: №4 Pages: 133-137
Heading: Surgery Article type: Original article
Authors: A.M. Gurianov
Organization: Orenburg State Medical University

Prophylaxis of infection in the case of burns includes a number of surgical and antiepidemic precautions, including the use of antibiotics. Unfortunately, antibiotics are often causing allergic reactions, dysbacteriosis and contribute to appearance of antibiotic resistant strains of microorganisms. In this article the results of treating of 190 patients with thermal burns are described. In order to prevent pyoinflammatory complications, 100 patients from the total of 190 ones were given the medicine “Sporobacterin fluidum” and 90 patints of the same 190 ones were given antibiotics. The medical effect of “Sporobacterin fluidum” is based on translocation of Bacillus subtilis from the bowels into the wound when they produce antibiotics, enzymes, immunomodulator.
It is found out that derangements, which appear after burns lead to dysfunction of all organs and systems, buildup of intoxication and change of the composition of biocenose of intestines. The research results prove that “Sporobacterin fluidum” is an effective medicine for prophylaxis of infectious complications and contributed to correction of biocenose of intestines, reduction intoxication and cutting down the period of wound healing and period of in-patient treatment of burnt.