Saratov JOURNAL of Medical and Scientific Research

Kochetova M.S.

Saratov State Medical University n.a. V.I. Razumovsky Department of Pediatric Dentistry and Orthodontics, Assistant, Candidate of Medical Science

Choice of the method of teleroentgenogram analysis in treatment of different sagittal occlusion anomalies

Year: 2014, volume 10 Issue: №2 Pages: 320-322
Heading: Proceedings of all-Russia week of science with international participants Article type: Original article
Authors: Gogoleva A.V., Kochetova M.S.
Organization: Saratov State Medical University

Aim. The optimization of orthodontic treatment planning of patients through the study of different methods for calculating the teleroentgenogram (TRG). Material and Methods. The analysis was conducted in patients' teleroentgenogram with various dentoalveolar anomalies. Materials were taken from the archives of the clinic of pediatric dentistry and orthodontics. TRG calculation was made by the method of Schwarz, the method of Downes and the method of Tweed. Results. The research identified the types of profiles of patients. Each author had his own idea about «ideal face» and ways to achieve a harmonious profile. It is not enough one method to analyze TWG for planning orthodontic treatment because it does not give a complete clinical picture. Conclusion. It is necessary to find a comprehensive research method TRG which will combine the advantages of the proven methods.

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Influence of ortodontic on the pathology building replacement bite

Year: 2011, volume 7 Issue: №1 Pages: 303-304
Heading: Stomatology Article type: Short message
Authors: Kochetova M.S., Suyetenkov D.Ye.
Organization: Saratov State Medical University

The work is devoted morfo-functional laws of formation of a replaceable bite to features and laws of eruption of the second teeth and bite formation. Study of a teething is important for estimation of development of the child and its bite formation, is connected with a number of difficulties. They should also be solved to me. Research objective is to reveal morphologic and functional features of occlusion formation during the various periods of bite development depending on influence of general and local factors

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