Saratov JOURNAL of Medical and Scientific Research

Astrakhan Territorial Centre of Disaster Medicine

Emergency calls for children and teenagers with poisonings in Astrakhan city

Year: 2010, volume 6 Issue: №2 Pages: 277-279
Heading: Health Service Organization Article type: Original article
Authors: I.Yu. Bolotnikov, N.I. Bolotnikova
Organization: Astrakhan Territorial Centre of Disaster Medicine, Astrakhan State Medical University

The purpose of the research is to perform qualitative and quantitative analysis of emergency calls for children and teenager with intoxications in Astrakhan in 2005. Continuously observing cases of death from intoxication in children and teenagers aged 0-19 years in Astrakhan from 2003 till 2005 years have been examined according to the statistics of Astrakhan department (reg. form 5). Premedical aid given to children and teenagers has been thoroughly analyzed by means of data from the medical cards of ambulance calls filled in by emergency doctors (reg. form 110/u). In 2005 the total amount of emergency calls in case of intoxication counted 5,5% of 17,5% of accident calls. Statistics based on age groups of patients presented as follows: children ages 0 to 11 months 29 days - 4,9%, сchildren ages 1 to 4 years - 31,9%, сchildren ages 5 to 9 years - 4,5 %, teenagers ages 10 to 14 years - 17,1%, 15 to 19 years - 41,1%

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