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Surgical treatment of Perthes disease in child with hemophilia

Year: 2011, volume 7 Issue: №1 Pages: 160-161
Heading: Practice physician Article type: Short message
Authors: Gerasimov V.A., Evzerova T.V., Vinokurov V.A., Tsaryova E.E., Sertakova AM., Anisimov D.I.
Organization: Saratov State Medical University, Saratov Scientific Research Institute of Traumatology and Orthopedics

Hemophilia is a genetically mediated disease caused by recessive transmission of the gene. At present etiological orientation in treatment of the given pathology has just begun to develop. Replacement therapy by the concentrate of blood factors is the principal method of treatment. With great success in the sphere of medicine life quality of children suffering from hemophilia has improved significantly. However, the given category of patients refers to the high risk group to render surgical care as before. The example of the surgical intervention is an intertrochanteric osteotomy of the femur in a child with hemophilia

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Paroxysmal conditions of nonepileptic genesis

Year: 2010, volume 6 Issue: №1 Pages: 199-205
Heading: Practice physician Article type: Review
Authors: A.Y. Karas, L.A. Kabanova, L.Y. Glukhova
Organization: Saratov State Medical University, Russian State Medical University

Пароксизмальные состояния могут наблюдаться и при эпилепсии и при других заболеваниях. Наиболее частыми пароксизмальными состояниями, ошибочно принимаемыми за эпилепсию, являются синкопы, конверсионные или псевдоэпилептические приступы, парасомнии, пароксизмальный хореоатетоз, доброкачественные миоклонии. Неправильный диагноз эпилепсии, особенно в детстве, будет влиять на развитие ребенка, его качество жизни. Подробный анамнез - краеугольный камень в постановке диагноза. Окончательный диагноз будет зависеть от опыта и умения врача анализировать имеющуюся информацию. Золотым стандартом диагностики трудных и фармакорезистентных пациентов является видео-ЭЭГ-мониторинг

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Systemic Lupus Erythromatosis or Hiv Infection «Mask»?

Year: 2009, volume 5 Issue: №3 Pages: 444-446
Heading: Practice physician Article type: Short message
Authors: Е.Н. Скрябина, Н.А. Магдеева, И.Ф. Нам
Organization: Saratov State Medical University, Saratov Regional Clinical Hospital

The difficulties while conducting the differential diagnosis between systemic lupus erythromatosis (SLE) and HIV infection due to their clinical resemblance are reflected in this article

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