Saratov JOURNAL of Medical and Scientific Research

Melnikova N.B.

Privolzhsky Research Medical University, Head of Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Pharmacognosy, Professor, DSc

Plasma thiamine level and thiamine-deficient neurological disorders in patients on program hemodialysis

Year: 2020, volume 16 Issue: №1 Pages: 389-393
Heading: Neurology Article type:
Authors: Khrulev А.Е., Shiyanova N.A., Golubeva D.V., Vorobyova O.A., Melnikova N.B.
Organization: Privolzhskiy Research Medical University

Objective: to study the level of thiamine in the blood plasma of patients undergoing long-term program hemodialysis, and the variability of dialysis-associated thiamine losses, to study possible thiamine-deficient neurological disorders in dialysis patients. Material and Methods. 85 patients who did not take vitamin-containing preparations for 1 year or more were examined. Patients were divided into a main group and a control group. The main group consisted of 45 patients with the dialysis stage of chronic kidney disease (dialysis experience of 75.2±59.0 months), the control group (n=40) is divided into 2 subgroups: 20 patients of the pre-dialysis period and 20 relatively healthy individuals. Blood plasma thiamine levels were analyzed by high performance liquid chromatography. Results. An analysis of the thiamine content in the blood plasma of patients of the main group revealed low levels of thiamine in all patients. The studied indicator did not exceed 54% of the norm. The frequency of detecting severe thiamine deficiency was 53.3%, moderate deficiency of 40% of cases, and plasma thiamine deficiency was observed in 6.7%. In the 1st control subgroup, a less pronounced decrease in thiamine content was detected, the average value was 73.7±11.1%. The average thiamine content in plasma in the 2nd control subgroup was 92.2±4.1 %. Conclusion. Among patients on program hemodialysis, there was a deficiency of thiamine and a neurological spectrum of disorders, including thiamine-deficient encephalopa-thy and polyneuropathy.

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