Saratov JOURNAL of Medical and Scientific Research

excimer laser correction of myopia

Efect of FemtoLASIK on the condition of accomodation and vis-coelastic properties of the cornea in patients with myopic refraction

Year: 2019, volume 15 Issue: №2 Pages: 555-559
Heading: Ophtalmology Article type: Original article
Authors: Fokin V.P., Solodkova E.G., Kuznetsova O.S., Balalin S.V.
Organization: S. Fedorov Eye Microsurgery Federal State Institution, the Volgograd Branch

The purpose is to study the efect of FemtoLASIK operation on the state of accommodation, intraocular pressure and viscoelastic properties of the cornea in patients with myopic refraction. Material and Methods. Examined 84 patients (84 eyes) with myopia degrees before and after the operation Femtolasik. Results. In patients with mild myopia after Femtolasik, there was a decrease in the coefcient of accommodation microfuctuation (CAM) by 3.6 % and an increase in the coefcient of accommodation response (CAR) by 28.6 %, in patients with moderate myopia there was a decrease in the values of CAM to 11.1 % and an increase in CAR to 30 %, in patients with myopia of high degree of CAM increased by 14.4 %, and CAR 34 %, respectively. The decrease in the values of corneal-compensated intraocular pressure (IОPcc) was statistically signifcant. In the frst group decrease IОPcc amounted to 17.1 % in the second group 17.3 %, in the third of 25.8 %. Conclusion. An improvement in the state of accommodation is observed against the background of a decrease in the indicators of corneal- compensated intraocular pressure after performing the operation FemtoLASIK.

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