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Comparative analysis of the application of the above- threshold laser coagulation and micropulse laser exposure in central serous chorioretinopathy

Year: 2019, volume 15 Issue: №2 Pages: 532-536
Heading: Ophtalmology Article type: Original article
Authors: Popova N.V., Fabrikantov O.L., Goydin A.P.
Organization: S. Fedorov Eye Microsurgery Federal State Institution, Tambov State University n. a. G.R. Derzhavin

Purpose: to determine the efectiveness of above-threshold (focal) laser coagulation and micropulse laser exposure (MPLV) in patients with central serous chorioretinopathy (CCA). Material and Methods. 91 people with a diagnosis of CCA were examined. The median age was 35.2 years. Patients of the 1st group (n=19) was performed MPLV a wavelength of 810 nm; group 2 (n=31) — about threshold photocoagulation with the wavelength of 810 nm. Control group — 50 people with a natural course of the process. Results. After 1 month after treatment in group 1, visual acuity increased from 0.5±0.08 to 0.8±0.03. According to optical coherence tomography (OCT), the neuroepithelial detachment decreased from 446 to 341.3 MK. With the chronic course of the process after laser treatment, recurrence of the disease was revealed, which required an additional session of MPLV. In group 2, after 1 month, visual acuity increased from 0.6±0.20 to 0.8±0.03, neuroepithelial detachment decreased from 365 to 269 MK. Relapse of the disease in chronic form required an additional session of MPLV. After 3 months, both groups showed complete adhesion of the neurosensory retina and increased visual acuity to 0.9±1.0. Conclusion. Laser coagulation (above- threshold laser coagulation, micropulse laser exposure) is minimally invasive and highly efective in the treatment of central serous chorioretinopathy. The choice of laser treatment method depends on the

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