Saratov JOURNAL of Medical and Scientific Research

neuron specific enolase

Neuron specific enolase as a marker of the nervous system damage in primary hypothyroidism

Year: 2016, volume 12 Issue: №2 Pages: 264-267
Heading: Neurology Article type: Original article
Authors: Kuznetsova Е.В., Gerasimov S.V., Sholomov I.I.
Organization: Saratov Regional Clinical Hospital, Saratov State Medical University

In order to predict and detect neurological complications at somatic diseases earlier, there have recently been started to use some of the markers determined in the patient's blood serum. Aim of the study. The aim of the work was to evaluate the activity of neuron specific enolase (NSE) in patients with primary hypothyroidism (PHT). Materials and methods. In 110 patients with PHT detailed study of neurological and neuropsychological status, determined NSE level in serum. Results. The results of this study showed that the NSE activity depended on the gender, age of the patient, the duration of existence of the endocrinopathy and the presence / absence of neurological symptoms. Conclusion. Produced a comprehensive assessment of the state of the nervous system in patients with PHT, NSE defined value as a non-specific marker NA lesions in these patients. The goal set at the beginning of the study, achieved.