Saratov JOURNAL of Medical and Scientific Research

Latynova I.V.

Penza State University, Medical Institute, Department of Clinical Morphology and Forensic Medicine with the Course of Oncology, Assistant Professor, Candidate of Biological Sciences

Clinical manifestations and forensic medical evaluation of hemothorax

Year: 2017, volume 13 Issue: №2 Pages: 221-224
Heading: Forensic medicine Article type: Original article
Authors: Kupryushin A.S., Efimov А.А., Loginov S.N., Vishnyakova Zh.S., Latynova I.V., Semina M.N., Godukhina E.M.
Organization: Penza State University, Saratov State Medical University

Objtctive: to determine the degree of validity of the allocation of traumatic hemothorax as a medical criterion of a qualifying trait in respect of serious harm to health, which is life-threatening. Material and Methods. A retrospective analysis of 130 case histories of the patients of the Department of Thoracic Surgery was carried out at Penza Clinical Hospital n.a. N.N. Burdenko. The sex, age, severity of the patient's condition, the volume of blood in the pleural cavity, complications of hemothorax (GT), the time between trauma and seeking medical help, and other injuries were analyzed. Results. It was found out that among patients with HT men were 4,2 times more than women. HT developed after traumatic exposure to the thorax in patients of both gender groups. Conclusion. The severity of the condition of patients with HT is determined by the volume of blood in the pleural cavity, complications, the presence of concomitant damages, the number of days between receiving an injury and contacting a medical organization. In the formulation of p. 6.1.10 Order No. 194n of the Ministry of Health and Social Development of April 24, 2008, "On the Approval of Medical Criteria for Determining the Severity of Harm to Human Health" we should add the phrase: "...or a severe or medium hemothorax that causes a life threatening condition..." aiming at an objective forensic evaluation of traumatic h e moth о rax.

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Modern issue on the role of microorganisms in the induction and the development of atherosclerosis

Year: 2016, volume 12 Issue: №2 Pages: 113-117
Heading: Macro- and Micromorphology Article type: Review
Authors: Kupryushin AS, Chudaeva DG, Fedorova MG, Latynova IV, Vishnyakova ZhS, Kuprushyna NV, Efimov AA.
Organization: Penza State University

More than 70 literature sources are presented and analyzed in the work. Data sources are devoted to the connection between infection and development of atherosclerotic changes. It has been found out that the infection and the presence of pathogenic microorganisms influence the progression of atherosclerosis.

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