Saratov JOURNAL of Medical and Scientific Research

narrow-band phototherapy

The combined using of ustekinumab and narrow-band phototherapy in treatment of severe psoriasis


Aim: research the effectiveness of UVB 311 nm phototherapy in patients with the "escape effect" that developed in the 44th — 56th weeks of the ustekinumab use. Materials and Methods. The examination and treatment of 9 patients with extensive psoriasis vulgaris receiving ustekinumab by hypodermic injection at a dose of 45 mg if body weight of the patient not more than 100 kg, and 90 mg of body weight over than 100 kg, on the zero week, the 4th week and then every 12 weeks. Among them 6 (66,7%) men and 3 (33,3%) women aged from 28 to 65 years. All patients in the 44th — 56th weeks of ustekinumab observed effect of "escape" in connection with which he has been appointed narrowband phototherapy. Results. The combined use of ustekinumab and UVB 311 nm phototherapy in patients with "escape effect" contributes to the marked regression of clinical symptoms and allows you to control the process for long, which is confirmed by the dynamics of the index PASI, BSA and DLQI. Conclusion. In the case of the effect of "escape" in the application of biological therapy drugs (ustekinumab) possible appointment of a narrow-band medium wave phototherapy course 25-30 procedures.

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