Saratov JOURNAL of Medical and Scientific Research

Moscow State Humanitarian University of Economics

The study of acute toxicity and antihypoxic activity of new metal complexes of iron

Year: 2015, volume 11 Issue: №2 Pages: 146-150
Heading: Clinical Pharmacology Article type: Original article
Authors: Shakhmardanova S.A.
Organization: Moscow State Humanitarian University of Economics

The Purpose: to determine the acute toxicity of new metal complexes of iron derived vinylimidazole and to reveal their antihypoxic activity in comparison with Acyzol and other known antihypoxic etomersol and hypoxen. Material and methods. Antihypoxic activity was studied in experiments on nonlinear white mice-males 4 models of acute hypoxia (hypobaric, hypoxia with hypercapnia, hemic, histotoxic). Rates of acute toxicity (LD16, LD LD ) were calculated graphically by the method of Miller and Tainter. Changes in oxidative metabolism in mice under the influence of the most active compounds were assessed by the values of oxygen consumption and rectal temperature. Results. The studied metal complexes of iron are small and moderately toxic. The connection under the code of Tetravim on the severity of antihypoxic effect (the increase in life expectancy male mice compared to control groups on 20-127%) in the range of doses studied (5-250 mg/kg, i/p) is superior to other derivatives of vinylimidazole known and antihypoxic: etomersol (25-100mg/kg, i/p) and hypoxen (50-150 mg/kg, i/p). Conclusion. The obtained data on the pharmacological activity of Tetravim require further clarification of the mechanism of antihypoxic effect and clinical trials with the aim of putting it on the drugs market as a promising antihypoxic agent.

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