Saratov JOURNAL of Medical and Scientific Research

prophylaxis measures

Источники поддержания здоровья в интерпретациях представителей пожилого возраста

Year: 2015, volume 11 Issue: №1 Pages: 058-061
Heading: Gerontology and geriatrics Article type: Original article
Authors: Chernyshkova Е.М., Andriyanova Е.А., Repin V.F., Chernyshkov D.V.
Organization: Saratov State Medical University

The goal is to analyze the main sources of health maintenance among elderly people who continue working after retirement. Material and methods. Analysis of the main sources of health maintenance among elderly people is based on the results of sociological research by means of semi-structured interview, conducted in 2014 in Saratov city. The sample included 8 respondents aged 55-65 years who continue working after their retirement. Results. The main sources of health maintenance among working pensioners include such preventive measures as moderate physical exercise, rational nutrition, folk medicine, hardening, and regular medical examinations. It was revealed that in the case of self-prevention of chronic diseases worsening elderly persons rely on previous doctors' prescriptions, drugs instructions, and medical literature. Conclusion. The data obtained in this research allow to make the conclusion that along with demand for preventive measures of health maintenance among working pensioners, there is an expansion of self-medication practice. This fact could be explained by a decrease of confidence in primary health care services, low availability of paid medical services.

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