Saratov JOURNAL of Medical and Scientific Research

Fe-citrate (III)

Experimental assessment of the application possibility of radiopharmaceutical 68Ga-citrate for Pet-imaging of inflammation


The aim of the study is to compare of 67Ga- and 68Ga-citrate pharmacokinetics and prove their similarity. Prior i. v. injection of physiologically acceptable compound of Fe-citrate (III) increases blood clearance and accumulation in inflammation. Materials and methods. 110 nonlinear rats-female with model of soft tissue inflammation were used in experiment. Animals i. v. were injected 67Ga- and 68Ga-citrate with premedication of Fe-citrate (III) and without it. Results. Prior injection of Fe-citrate (III) increases blood clearance, accumulation in inflammation (for 1 h past injection) and intensive excretion of radiopharmaceutical. Conclusion. There is no statistically significant difference between biodistri-bution of radiopharmaceutical labeled different gallium isotopes. It's positive and promising for application possibility of 68Ga-citrate for PET-imaging of inflammation early (for 1 h past injection).

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