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Some features of pathogenesis of the course, diagnosis and treatment of radicular and myelopathic syndromes of cervical osteochondrosis (review)

Year: 2020, volume 16 Issue: №1 Pages: 64-68
Heading: neurosurgery Article type: Review
Authors: Chekhonatskiy А.А., Komleva N.E., Chekhonatskiy V.A., Bubashvili A.l.
Organization: KSMA — branch of the Russian Medical Academy of Continuous Professional Education, Saratov Scientific Research Institute of Agricultural Hygiene, Saratov State Medical University

The review of the literature data on the peculiarities of the pathogenesis of radicular and myelopathic syndromes of cervical osteochondrosis is presented. The issues of differentiated diagnosis of radiculopathic and myelopathic syndromes are considered. The characteristic of various methods of treatment is given. The efficiency and possibility of using electrostimulation of the spinal cord for the treatment of radicular and myelopathic syndromes of cervical osteochondrosis have been studied.

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