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Shock-wave therapy for combination treatment of plantar fasciitis


The objective is enhancing outcomes of plantar fasciitis patients using proprietary shock-wave technique. Material and Methods. There were 65 active plantar fasciitis patients under our care, and we used shock-wave therapy as a part of their combination treatment. The patients were divided into 2 groups depending on the specifics oa shock-wave therapy applied to them. The proprietary technique based on the combination of local cryotherapy and heel area enthe-sises traction during shock-wave sessions was applied for patients of the main group (35 patients) while 30 patients of the control group had conventional shock-wave technique applied to them. Results. Patients of the main group showed better dynamics of pain syndrome reduction (p<0.05), as well as normalization of plantar fascia anatomy parameters on ultrasound evidence. Conclusion. The combined application of local cryotherapy as well as enthesises traction allows enhancing shock-wave therapy efficiency as a component of comprehensive medical rehabilitation of plantar fasciitis patients.

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