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Tentative analytic biomarker panel of maladaptive myocardial remodeling (systematic review)

Year: 2019, volume 15 Issue: №3 Pages: 773-779
Heading: Cardiology Article type: Review
Authors: Malinova L.I., Denisova Т.Р., Furman N.V., Dolotovskaya P.V., Puchinyan N.Ph., Povarova T.V.
Organization: Saratov Road Clinical Hospital, Saratov State Medical University

The purpose is to design a tentative analytical panel of biomarkers (BM) of maladaptive myocardial remodeling/extracellular myocardial matrix dysfunction. and PubMed were used for data extraction. Reproducibility of the obtained data was calculated, as well as the intragroup correlations of BM maladaptive myocardial remodeling/extracellular myocardial matrix dysfunction with the clinical phenotype of heart failure (HF) — т. The tentative BM panel design was carried out using the ranking method (R). Analysis included data from 5085 publications. The highest reproducibility was traced in nautriuretic peptides ((3 0.91 and 0.89) and cardiac troponins ((3 0.84), while the highest correlation ratios of BM and the clinical phenotype of CH were detected in natriuretic peptides and ST2 (т 0.81; 0.77 and 0.71). PIIINP and decorin did not reveal any significant correlation with the HF clinical phenotype. A rank of >0.5 was identified in galectin-3, GDF-15, and osteopontin. A set of biomarkers with a proven participation in the pathogenesis of heart failure, which potentially has the greatest diagnostic and prognostic value was designed, i. e. a tentative analytical panel of biomarkers of maladaptive myocardial remodeling/extracellular myocardial matrix dysfunction: NT-proBNP, BNP, cardiac rf-troponins, ST2, GDF-15, galectin-3 and osteopontin.

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