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Mechanisms of optic nerve damage in patients with hemoblastosis

Year: 2019, volume 15 Issue: №2 Pages: 482-485
Heading: Ophtalmology Article type: Case report
Authors: Ioyleva E.E., Gadzhieva N.S., Zinovyeva A.V.
Organization: "Eye Microsurgery" n.a. academician S. N. Fedorov, Volgograd branch, Moscow State Medical Stomatological University n.a. A. I. Evdokimov

The development of optic neuropathy in leukemia and lymphomas has a wide range of etiological factors, being a result of neoplastic, infectious, compression, ischemic and toxic damage. Patients in the older age group may have cardiovascular risk factors that increase the risk of developing lesions of the optic nerve. Timely diagnosis of optic neuropathy in hemoblastosis and the choice of the optimal treatment method allow to maintain high visual function and improve patients» quality of life. The paper presents a clinical case of unilateral ischemic neuropathy in patients with clinical and hematological remission of acute myeloblastic leukemia and the presence of cardiovascular risk factors, as well as heart failure.

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