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Analysis of the structure of oncological diseases of the eye, ad-nexa and orbit (according to the data of 2nd ophthalmological department of the Orenburg Regional Clinical Hospital No.1)

Year: 2018, volume 14 Issue: №4 Pages: 894-897
Heading: Ophtalmology Article type: Original article
Authors: Aprelev А.Е., Abdulgazizova Z.F., Zakirova I.I., Aprelev А.А.
Organization: Orenburg State Medical University

Purpose: to analyze incidence of neoplasms of the eye, ocular adnexa and orbit of the inhabitants of the Orenburg region in 2017 Material and Methods. The article presents an analysis of archival material from 123 case histories in patients with neoplasms of the eye and its adnexal apparatus, who were treated in 2nd Ophthalmology Department of the State Budgetary Health Institution "OOKB No.1". The case histories were analyzed consecutively. Results. Data on the prevalence (63.4%) of malignant neoplasms of the eye in women of retirement age were obtained. According to pathology, eyelid basalioma was most common — 67.3% followed by choroid melanoma — 23.6%. The localization frequency of neoplasms is as follows: malignant neoplasm of the conjunctiva 4.4%, benign neoplasm of the conjunctiva 12.9%, malignant neoplasms of the eyelid skin, including eyelids commissure 56.5%, benign neoplasms of the eyelid skin, including eyelids commissure 31.5%, choroid malignant neoplasms 30.4%, benign choroid neoplasms 3.7%, benign neoplasms of cornea 9.3%, malignant orbital tumors 8.7%, benign tumors of the orbit 42.6%. Conclusion. Women of retirement age need to be screened for malignant eye tumors.

Keywords: adnexa, eye, oncology, orbit

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