Saratov JOURNAL of Medical and Scientific Research

Experimental analysis of destructive ability of vacuum pulsation in cataract phacoemulsification

Year: 2018, volume 14 Issue: №4 Pages: 817-820
Heading: Ophtalmology Article type: Original article
Authors: Aznabaev В.М., Dibaev T.l., Mukhametov R.G.
Organization: Bashkir State Medical University of the Russian Health Care, ZAO Optimedservis

 The purpose of the work. To evaluate the destructive ability of vacuum pulsation in cataract phacoemulsification. Materials and Methods. The experiments were performed on 40 separate pig eyes, in which cataract was induced in 3 stages of density according to the WetLab method. In the study group (n=20), phacoemulsification was carried out using a vacuum pulsation generation unit, in the control group (n=20) by the method of traditional ultrasonic phacoemulsification. For comparison of the two methods in both groups, the time of complete destruction of the lens fragment in seconds was recorded. Results. The average time of destruction of a 5x5 mm fragment of the lens, using vacuum pulsation was 23.6±4.9 seconds, for traditional ultrasonic phacoemulsification 17.7±8.9 seconds (p<0.05). Vacuum pulsation has a destructive power, but at the same time requires further refinements to increase the efficiency of phacoemulsification. Conclusions. Phacoemulsification based on vacuum pulsation is promising for further study, since it has a destructive ability. This method does not imply the use of high-energy effects, due to which there are no prerequisites for heating the tunnel incision and negative effects on the corneal endothelium.

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