Saratov JOURNAL of Medical and Scientific Research

Clinical review of allergic rhinitis in children with parasitic infestation

Year: 2018, volume 14 Issue: №1 Pages: 76-80
Heading: Otolaryngology Article type: Original article
Authors: Nurmukhamedova F.B.
Organization: Tashkent Medical Academy

The research goal. Clinical and laboratory data in children with allergic rhinitis (AR) with parasitic infestation (PI) and without it were studied. Material and Methods. The study of AR patients was performed in the children's city diagnostic center. There were 100 children aged 3 to 14 years under our observation. Children were divided on to 2 groups: the main group (67 sick children with permanent allergic rhinitis with concomitant parasitic invasion), and a comparison group (33 patients with permanent allergic rhinitis without parasitic invasion). Results. We found that the clinical picture of AR with concomitant parasitosis in children is characterized by dyspeptic, asthenic vegetative, allergic dermatologi-cal syndromes, in addition to manifestations typical for AR. Conclusion. Analysis of the main clinical and laboratory parameters in children with AR revealed that PI in this case usually occur with subclinical symptoms. In many cases, patients AR required specific parasitological diagnosis allows you to assign a specific therapy is adequate in the detection of concomitant PI.

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