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The effectiveness of The Atlas of Ophthalmic Instruments (an application for smartphones) in optimization of the educational process of students, residents, and ophthalmologists

Year: 2017, volume 13 Issue: №2 Pages: 420-421
Heading: Ophtalmology Article type: Short message
Authors: Moiseev R.V., Kryuchkov Yu.A., Kamenskikh T.G.
Organization: Saratov State Medical University

Objective: to determine the effectiveness of the Atlas of Ophthalmic Instruments for Smartphones (the application for smartphones) in optimization of the educational process of students, residents, and ophthalmologists. Material and methods. On the Android platform there had been created and placed in the Google Play an application "Ophthalmic Instruments" with illustrations and description of ophthalmic surgical instruments. Next, a survey had been conducted of users of the application (1005 respondents). To this was applied a specially designed questionnaire in English. Results. According to the survey, the average score among students (652 users) is 4.9; among residents (281) 4.7 and doctors (72) and 4.6. Conclusion. Obtained data allow to conclude that the use of interactive mobile applications positively influences the optimization of the educational process and can be considered as a new and effective form of tutorials.

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