Saratov JOURNAL of Medical and Scientific Research

Interdisciplinary conceptualization of palliative care for patients with chronic kidney diseases

Year: 2016, volume 12 Issue: №3 Pages: 412-414
Heading: Sociology of Medicine Article type: Author's opinion
Authors: Petrov G.S., Krom I.L., Yerugina N.N.
Organization: Saratov State Medical University

The article presents the author's analysis of modern interpretations of palliative care. Transformation of palliative care conceptualization during the last decade has led to the appearance of a palliative approach to treatment of patients with chronic diseases; quality feature of this approach is possibility to render a palliative care along with treatment of underlying disease and syndrome treatment of a patient. The authors note that due to increasing number of patients requiring renal replacement therapy, organization of palliative care is relevant in the group of patients with chronic kidney diseases. According to the authors' viewpoint, palliative approach to aging and fast-growing cohort of dialysis patients, many of which are in the period of living out, suggests implementation of individual program of dialysis therapy, in domestic literature there are only a few works devoted to palliative approach to patients with terminal chronic renal failure that suggests prospects of research in this direction.

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